The following are among the technology and healthcare companies Kohn Public Relations has represented.

Apptera – Apptera is a pioneer in providing intelligent voice solutions for the enterprise.

Barefoot Botanicals - UK purveyor of all botanical skin care products.

BIOTONE - BIOTONE provides massage therapy, health and spa professionals with professional massage and body treatment products, and complementary supplies.

Blogit – Blogit is a leading online network of readers and writers.

BWise - BWise is the leading provider of compliance and enterprise risk management software, with a strong heritage in business process management.

Comergent  Technologies – Comergent is the leading provider of enterprise eBusiness solutions.

CopperCom - CopperCom provides innovative, next-generation switching, application and portal solutions for communications carriers.

Cybelius Software - Cybelius Software provides simulation, visualization and product development tools and solutions for the telecommunications and electronics industry.

DemandTec - DemandTec's Consumer-Centric Merchandising, Sales, and Marketing software helps retailers and consumer products manufacturers strategically plan, optimize, and execute pricing, promotion, and markdown programs based on a quantified understanding of consumer demand. 

FotoTime – FotoTime is a leading provider of digital photo and video solutions.

Greenough Consulting Group - Greenough Consulting Group provides experienced interim financial, administrative and human resource management services.

MIPS TechnologiesMIPS Technologies is the leading provider of industry-standard processor architectures and cores for digital consumer and business applications.

Moai Technologies - Moai provides comprehensive e-Sourcing solutions that may be customized to meet the needs of Global 2000 enterprises and mid-sized companies.

Polivec – Polivec is a leading provider of essential compliance management solutions.

Quantum3D, Inc. - Quantum3D  is a leading provider of open architecture, realtime 3D visual computing solutions for the Visual and Sensor Simulation and Training (VSST) and Embedded Visual Computing (EVC) markets.

Sendo Holdings, PLC - Sendo Holdings offered high-performance, competitively priced, reliable products and services to the large cellular market.

Timogen Systems - Timogen Systems helps companies respond quickly and effectively to changing business conditions in a fast-moving, complex supply chain environment by providing personalized, proactive, real-time solutions to meet the demands of the entire enterprise team - from the C-level executive to the business user.

Tymphany Corporation - Tymphany is an audio transducer solutions supplier serving the loudspeaker needs of consumer electronics and professional audio products manufacturers. Tymphany’s first transducers are designed to provide more bass in less space and totally new shapes.